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Date & TimeAge Groups (Determined by age on 4/31/21)LocationRegistration
11/9/2022 (5:00 - 6:30pm)TITUS Futures (8u - 12u)TITUS Wilmington @ 76ers FieldhouseRegister
11/16/2022 (5:00 - 6:30pm)TITUS Futures (8u - 12u)TITUS Wilmington @ 76ers FieldhouseRegister
11/19/2022 (2:00 - 3:30pm)TITUS Futures (8u - 12u)TITUS Wilmington @ 76ers FieldhouseRegister
11/9/2022 (6:45-8:30pm)TITUS Prospects (13u - 17u)TITUS Wilmington @ 76ers FieldhouseRegister
11/16/2022 (6:45-8:30pm)TITUS Prospects (13u - 17u)TITUS Wilmington @ 76ers FieldhouseRegister
11/19/2022 (12:00-1:45pm)TITUS Prospects (13u - 17u)TITUS Wilmington @ 76ers FieldhouseRegister

TITUS Baseball holds the standard that baseball players are explosive athletes, and therefore in order to reach a higher standard of baseball in this area, we need to train the athlete to be more explosive. The ideals that we hold within the program include a desire to build the foundational strength and athleticism of the athlete through high-quality skills training and the utilization of data-driven analytical technology that we see being implemented at the higher levels with amazing speed. We also believe in creating an athlete that can understand, adapt to, and thrive in a strength and conditioning setting, thereby making them more successful on the field.

Thank you for considering our program and we hope to see you training with us to increase and expand your athletic potential soon!

    TITUS Prospects (13u - 17u):

Our college showcase teams provide exposure to players looking to play baseball beyond high school and include both training and practices designed for continued athletic and baseball skills development. Beginning in January and continuing through March 1, teams will work out several days/week. The Spring/Summer schedule will include Showcases and Prospect Tournaments selected specific to each team.

    TITUS Futures (8u - 12u):

TITUS Players will participate in the Titus Baseball Academy Development Program and may be selected to one of the Titus Tournament Teams. Our unique player development and training program allows players the opportunity to develop as both athletes and baseball players. We work to increase mobility, flexibility, strength, speed and agility in combination with developing a players hitting, throwing and fielding abilities.

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About Titus Baseball Academy • A premier athletic development and training academy and affiliate of USA Baseball, Titus Sports Academy has trained Olympians, Professional and Collegiate Athletes, Military Special Operations Soldiers and many other top performers that regularly set the standard for excellence in human performance. The Titus staff are highly trained professionals with certifications from the American Council on Exercise, Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches Association, International Sports Science Association, National Association of Speed and Explosion, Functional Movement Screening, National Strength and Conditioning Association, USA Weightlifting and USA Track and Field.